Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movements are precision instruments designed to operate over a period of many years. The Manufacture ensures their servicing and repair, and guarantees the lifetime availability of spare parts.

With a Vaucher Manufacture calibre you are the keeper of artisanal savoir-faire and industrial expertise of a very high level.


Enriching the aesthetic of our movements

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier regards component decoration as the task of a real artist. It creates added value as a distinguishing feature which enhances each component.

By increasing or eliminating surface brilliance and creating contrasts we put the effects of light front of stage and add value to our mechanisms.

The shape of the bridges, style of the decors, engravings and the overall decoration can be entirely personalized to match our clients’ aesthetic universe.

High end finishes

- Hand chamfering with a piercer: mirror-polished chamfer around the bridges and bottom plate; performing this operation by hand with a piercer or other tools enables bevels to be refined and re-entrant angles obtained to play on light

- Circular chamfer: circular recess around a jewel or screw; when polished, they show up the sparkle of the jewels or the mirror finish of a screw head to full advantage

- Circular graining: set of overlapping circles of concentric lines; the regularity of their appearance, grain and size as well as their meticulous overlap help to create an elegant impression

- Sunray brushing radiating lines on surfaces, steel wheels or oscillating weights

- Snailing: spiral lines applied to the surface of steel wheels or bridge heels

- Straight brushing: drawing lines on the surface brings out contrasts between matte and brilliant effects  

- Côtes de Genève: a typical decorative finish for bridges; when performed carefully it creates a rhythmic effect for the bridge surfaces by highlighting the polish of the chamfers and sinks

- Flank correction: the flanks are buffed to remove machining marks and create a uniform appearance

- Engravings: some are obligatory and others effected at the client’s request; done by hand, machine or even by laser, they help to personalize our movements

- Bicolour: by playing on the contrast between gold and rhodium, some surfaces or engravings can be highlighted

- Shot-blasting: components are scoured to enhance their matte finish


All VMF movements are produced in Fleurier in keeping with the great tradition of Swiss watchmaking. Both rare and precious, these high-end mechanisms are part of an exclusive production process.

Production is divided into two complementary sections: one for the Prestige and Vaucher Private Label ranges, the other for the Personalised range.

With the processes and production tools at their disposal, the 140 staff at Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier associate traditional craftsmanship with the benefits of repeatability and durability to achieve industrial levels of quality and reliability.

In keeping with traditional watchmaking criteria, VMF movements offer the guarantee of long-term consistency in their execution.

A rare expertise combined with ultra-modern production equipment, creating movements with a high added value.


Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier employs approximately 140 staff, representing around twenty watchmaking and micromechanical professions. Guided by excellence and committed to keeping alive the heritage of Switzerland’s traditional savoir-faire, it accords a central role at all times to the human dimension. Indeed it trains large numbers of apprentices in the different skills of prestige mechanical watchmaking and accompanies them throughout their development.

It offers its staff an attractive working environment, in a tranquil atmosphere which encourages employees to fulfil their potential, while opportunities for self-improvement are available to all staff. As a result it invests heavily in continuing education, as well as in modern facilities and equipment.

A cutting-edge movement manufacturer, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier is also a driver of technological innovation, involving its employees in this process so that they can continually develop their skills.

Our Manufacture passes on its traditional values and its passion for innovation through its training structure.